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The best public blockchains for your company

If you are not an expert in the development of the blockchain, then it makes no sense for you to do it yourself. It is better to use a ready-made solution, such as Telegram, EOS and others, and in addition to receive investments from them and access to millions of their users.

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Choosing the best blockchain

Now there are more than 30 good public blockchains that received significant amounts in the ICO process and have already released their product. It is important to choose the most suitable among them.

The product development

The blockchain is interested in having industry solutions based on it, which in the future could significantly increase its adaptability for future customers. Therefore, blockchain developers may be interested in making part of your product for you for free.


Investment funds that have financed a particular blockchain are interested in that their blockchain will be used by a lot of companies. Therefore, they may be ready to provide you with funding in order to develop your product and in this way the blockchain that they have already financed.


By having a common project with a large company that has already released its product, you, talking about your joint product, become interesting for the media, crypto funds and other partners.

Our clients

We are confident that our effectiveness in the crypto world is provided by a deep understanding of the mechanics of interaction between companies, investors and capital markets. Therefore, we consider our experience to be our core competence.

Rent24 – Primary

rent24 is one of the fastest growing providers of coworking and coliving spaces worldwide.

Sector: Business Services




Changing car ownership forever

Sector: Auto, Platform

Amount of ICO: $2M (softcap) - $25M (hardcap)




The First Blockchain-based Platform Using Crowdsourcing for Data Generation

Sector: Data, Infrastructure

Amount of ICO: 35000 ETH (hardcap)



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