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IT companies worldwide

Thanks to our experience in key positions in international companies and investment funds, we perfectly understand the IT market, which allows us to negotiate partnerships with major companies both in Russia and around the world.

Our deals

Attracting the largest customers for B2B business

Use of the company's product by the largest potential customers to generate sustainable revenue and trust in the company among other customers.

Media-for-Equity for B2C Business

Placement of advertisements with payment in the form of % of the revenue received from new customers, + share in the company, depending on the number of attracted customers.

Access to customer bases of the largest B2C businesses

Promotion of a B2C product among retail customers of the largest IT companies in exchange for a share in the company and the possibility of buying out a business when KPI is achieved.

Equal Partnerships

Creation of partnerships by combining competencies and / or geographies of doing business that will significantly increase profits and shareholder value.

Our deals

A deep understanding of the markets our clients operate and an understanding of the breadth of available financial and non-financial instruments made possible by our experience, is our main asset that ensures our effectiveness.

Energy company operating in a small-power segment

Business: $100M revenue, Ebitda $20M, more than 20 gas turbine thermal power stations with the capacity of 18-36 MWatt.

Deal: $60M for Leverage Buy-Out.

Branch: Energy

Type of deal: Private Equity

Deal details

Major electronics online shop

Business: Revenue $130M, Ebitda $2M, more than 10K orders per day.

Deal: Attracting $60M to buy competitors.

Branch: Internet, Retail

Type of deal: Private Equity

Deal details

Saas-service in the influencer marketing segment

Business: More than 1500 connected blogs, $30K revenue, and increase by 15% per month, more than 20 advertisers.

Deal: $300K cash-in for growth in Russia, improvement of the product and access to foreign markets.

Branch: Internet

Type of deal: Venture investment

Deal details

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