Crypto Asset Investment Fund

Investments in blockchain-based mass products

Thanks to almost 10 years of experience working with more than 100 fast-growing venture companies, we can identify companies that have really excellent prospects for successful development.

Our deals

Investment stage

The company has a finished product, first customers and is actively engaged in building a customer base

Availability of co-investors

The fund finances 5-15% of the round. The rest is provided by co-investors attracted by the fund or shareholders of the company.

Deal structure

Purchase of company tokens for a period of 1 to 3 years. Lockup of purchased tokens for 12 months

Participation in company development

Support in negotiations with key players in the crypto market, including developers of the largest public blockchains (TON, EOS, Stellar), crypto investors, exchanges and the media.

SHFund token

The fund has its own SHFund token, which will subsequently be traded on crypto exchanges

Investment amount

$1.000.000 - $5.000.000

The companies in the fund


Business: blockchain powered marketplace for personal data with the core idea of protecting data privacy

Deal: long-term investment in tokens of the company

Branch: Data

Type of deal: ICO

Deal details

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