Conducting ICO/STO

Maximum size raised and

ICO/STO investors are in different countries, they are guided by different terms of investment. They have different industry experience and different practice in investing in crypto assets. Therefore, to reach each of the groups, you need to use a lot of absolutely different mechanisms and do it effectively.

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Public relations

Publications on the leading crypto sites of articles and press releases, where the company and its product will be discussed in detail.

Participation in crypt conferences

Getting in direct contact with investors around the world to personally answer each of their questions.

Advertising placement

Expanding the coverage on specially selected potential investors and increasing the frequency of contacts.

Crypto funds

Getting not only investments but also the necessary competencies, which will be necessary during the entire lifespan of the company.

Listing in stock exchanges

Choosing exchanges with the optimal ratio of provided liquidity and listing cost.


Maintaining liquidity after the ICO and generating regular reports for investors.

Our clients

We are confident that our effectiveness in the crypto world is provided by a deep understanding of the mechanics of interaction between companies, investors and capital markets. Therefore, we consider our experience to be our core competence.


An international marketplace for freelancers

Sector: Business Services, Platform

Amount of ICO: $15M (hardcap)




A blockchain infrastructure designed for e-commerce market.

Sector: Platform, Retail

Amount of ICO: 10.000 ETH (softcap) - 30.000 ETH (hardcap)




Changing car ownership forever

Sector: Auto, Platform

Amount of ICO: $2M (softcap) - $25M (hardcap)



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