Ilya Anikin: seminar at the Neuroworking

As part of the coworking “Neuronet”, working with more than 300 projects in the field of neurotechnologies, Ilya Anikin, founder of SH Capital, will hold a seminar for program participants and share his more than 15 years experience in the investment market and business management.

Neurotechnology is one of the fastest growing segments of high-tech investments. More than $ 2 billion will be invested in the development of products using artificial intelligence in Russia alone by the largest companies in the next few years.

Theme of the seminar: Attracting investment in technology companies
– 4 stages of any technology company
– Different investment solutions for different stages
– Why investors buy and why invest
– Terms of agreements with investors
– How to determine the valuation of the company

About speaker: Ilya Anikin. Serial entrepreneur with 17 years of management experience. Managing and investment director of venture capital funds Sferiq Venture Capital Fund and the Imperious Group, who have invested a total of more than $ 200M in more than 30 companies. Conducted a large number of investment transactions totaling more than $ 300M. Has an Executive MBA. Founder of the investment company SH Capital.