Ilya Anikin: seminar at the RANEPA

As part of the Enterprise Finance and Investment Management program conducted by the Graduate School of Corporate Governance at the RANEPA, Ilya Anikin, founder of SH Capital, will hold a seminar for program participants and share his more than 15 years experience in the investment market and business management.

The program is designed for top managers and heads of structural divisions of large and medium-sized businesses responsible for financial and investment management.

Theme of the seminar: Attracting investment in technology companies
– 4 stages of any technology company
– Different investment solutions for different stages
– Why investors buy and why invest
– Terms of agreements with investors
– How to determine the valuation of the company

About speaker: Ilya Anikin. Serial entrepreneur with 17 years of management experience. Managing and investment director of venture capital funds Sferiq Venture Capital Fund and the Imperious Group, who have invested a total of more than $ 200M in more than 30 companies. Conducted a large number of investment transactions totaling more than $ 300M. Has an Executive MBA. Founder of the investment company SH Capital.