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We will prepare the management and shareholders for negotiations with the investor, conduct a preliminary check, identify the strengths and weaknesses of the business, and thereby increase the likelihood of a successful investment deal and enhance the value of the company.

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Venture investments

Financing fast-growing technology companies that are yet to surpass the break-even point

Sale of the company

Selling a company to a strategic investor that operates in a close product or geographical market.


Investing in companies offering products and/or services created by leveraging the blockchain technology.

Private Equity

Financing the expansion of profitable companies to new markets / to absorb competitors

Search companies for M&A

Search for companies that will take over to provide rapid geographical or product expansion.


Classic lending through banks on the security of assets or project financing.

Our deals

Our efficiency is ensured, on the one hand, by our extraordinary grasp over the markets in which our clients operate, and on the other hand, by a thorough understanding of the whole breadth of available financial instruments. Therefore, we consider our experience as our core competency.

Designer clothing online store

Business: Revenue of $2M a year, negative profit, more than 3,000 orders per month.

Deal: 75% cash-out sale to a Russian strategist.

Branch: Internet

Type of deal: Sale the company

Deal details

Transport company in the segment of main cargo transportation

Business: $50M revenue per year, Ebitda -$7M a year, more than 300 heavy-duty 20-ton vehicles in their ownership.

Deal: $30M cash-in for doubling the park.

Branch: Transportation

Type of deal: Private Equity

Deal details

Large loyalty program

Business: Turnover within the system more than $1B a year, 100 million transactions per year.

Deal: 100% Management Buy-Out of the company's shares.

Branch: Retail

Type of deal: Private Equity, Venture investment

Deal details

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