Attraction of investment financing. Selling to a strategist

Clearly articulate the strengths of the business; define the circle of investors interested in the transaction; discuss the deal with decision makers within the selected companies; We structure the deal in such a way as to ensure the interests of both the company and the investor.

Our deals

Venture investments

Financing fast-growing technology companies that have not yet reached breakeven, but have a positive unit-economy. In the amount of $0.5M- $2M.

Private Equity

Investment financing of profitable companies with the possibility of rapid geographical or product expansion. In the amount of $3M- $15M.

Sale of the company

Selling to a strategic investor capable of extracting from the company's business profits significantly superior to the profits received by the company itself.


Creating partnerships of equal companies by combining competencies and/or geographies of doing business that will significantly increase profits and shareholder value.

Our deals

A deep understanding of the markets our clients operate and an understanding of the breadth of available financial and non-financial instruments made possible by our experience, is our main asset that ensures our effectiveness.

Designer clothing online store

Business: Revenue of $2M a year, negative profit, more than 3,000 orders per month.

Deal: 75% cash-out sale to a Russian strategist.

Branch: Internet

Type of deal: Sale the company

Deal details

Lead generator in cars / Online games / Electronics

Business: $4M per year revenue, $1M profit, more than 5 million visitors per month.

Deal: 100% cash-out sale to a Russian strategist.

Branch: Internet

Type of deal: Sale the company

Deal details

Major electronics online shop

Business: Revenue $130M, Ebitda $2M, more than 10K orders per day.

Deal: Attracting $60M to buy competitors.

Branch: Internet, Retail

Type of deal: Private Equity

Deal details

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