SH Capital Announces Successful Completion of ICO by Its Client Elementh Foundation

Elementh Foundation, a blockchain based infrastructure for e-commerce, has recently concluded a highly successful ICO with tokens worth almost $8,000,000 sold in the campaign. Well known investment bank SH Capital was actively involved in this fundraiser as the ICO advisor to Elementh.

April 30, 2018

SH Capital is pleased to announce that their client Elementh Foundation has just closed an extremely rewarding ICO campaign where the company was able to sell their proprietary tokens EEE worth almost $8,000,000. A company rated highly for their thorough understanding of investment deals, SH Capital played a significant part in this project with their pre-ICO and ICO support.

Elementh is a promising blockchain venture thriving to bring about a paradigm shift in the concept of e-commerce by making the interaction between the sellers and buyers easy and effective like never before. The platform’s goal is to make the buying and selling process in e-commerce simple, low-cost, and transparent by eliminating the common problem areas such as non-transparency of information and the absence of unified regulations and standards.

Over 70% of the total stock of Elementh’s utility tokens EEE was sold during the recently concluded ICO in exchange of ETH or BTC. The Elementh Foundation receives EEE tokens as a fee from each transaction in the system. The end users can use these tokens to pay for different products or services within the system. All proceeds from the ICO will be used by Elementh for blockchain extension, development, attracting new investors and maintaining the entire system. A full-time financial team has been appointed by the company to manage all its financial and digital assets.

Mentioned below are some key figures related to the ICO campaign.

  • Total supply: 303,000,000 EEE
  • ICO Started on: April 1, 2018
  • ICO ended on: April 30,2018
  • ICO soft cap: 10,000 ETH
  • ICO hard cap: 30,000 EH
  • ICO price: 0.0002 ETH

“It is a matter of great pride for us to inform that our client Elementh Foundation has completed the ICO stage with flying colors,” said Ilya Anikin, the founder and CEO of SH Capital. “This is certainly a project with immense potential and we look forward to making key contributions in Elementh’s journey towards revolutionizing e-commerce.”

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About SH Capital: SH Capital is an investment bank with an extensive experience in venture capital and private equity deals, focused on ICO investment advisory services. The company’s Founder Ilya Anikin has the track record of carrying out a huge number of investment deals, totalling more than $300 million. A large number of crypto start-ups have benefited from the company’s pre-ICO and ICO support.

About Elementh: Elementh is a blockchain infrastructure for e-commerce market. It provides all participants of e-commerce market with real-time and historical data on stock inventory and price. It also allows creating decentralized and centralized applications based on Elementh blockchain. Trustless and decentralized nature of the Elementh blockchain allows buyers to find the best deal and sellers to sell quicker.