SH Capital Secures New Contract from Blockchain Based E-Commerce Infrastructure Elementh Foundation

An investment bank offering ICO advisory services to crypto start-ups, SH Capital has recently announced the signing of a new service contract with Elementh Foundation. The objective of this ambitious project is to build an e-commerce infrastructure that connects the sellers and customers like never before, leveraging the power of blockchain technology.

March 29, 2018

SH Capital has just enhanced their long list of clients with the signing of a contract with Elementh Foundation, a proposed e-commerce infrastructure that will make interaction easier and more efficient between the sellers and customers. This blockchain powered ecosystem is expected to open up a new era of e-commerce by making global trading more convenient for all market participants.

The primary goal of e-commerce is to make the entire process of buying and selling goods and services simple, low-cost, and transparent. However, unfortunately, the existing e-commerce solutions fail to meet these objectives because of several obstacles. At present, the most serious concern for the e-commerce participants is the non-transparency of information and the complexity in obtaining the same. Making things worse, the lack of unified regulations and standards often leads to chaos.

Elementh is in the process of addressing these concerns by fully utilizing the advantages of blockchain technology. It proposes to build a unified product classification standard and platform that allows for the quick setup and scaling of e-commerce projects. This will be accomplished by creating a blockchain with a built-in Turing programming language. As a result, anyone will be able to write smart contracts and decentralized applications. Also, it will enable the usage of unified product cards, e-commerce transactions and transfer of ownership. Elementh will virtually digitize all goods by creating a product card and unique ID for each product.

Some of the key changes Elementh expects to bring to the future of the e-commerce market are

  • Unified product classification standard used worldwide
  • Completely transparent system of market transactions
  • High level of trust between the participants
  • All market participants make their own contribution to the system development and receive rewards
  • High speed of transactions inside the system
  • The whole market to become an open transparent database

An investment bank, SH Capital is a highly preferred destination amongst the crypto start-ups looking for state-of-the-art ICO advisory services. The company’s top class pre-ICO and ICO support has made serious contributions to many of their clients.

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About SH Capital: SH Capital is an investment bank with an extensive experience in venture capital and private equity deals, focused on ICO investment advisory services. The company’s Founder Ilya Anikin has the track record of carrying out a huge number of investment deals, totalling more than $300 million. A large number of crypto start-ups have benefited from the company’s pre-ICO and ICO support.

About Elementh: Elementh is a blockchain infrastructure for e-commerce market. It provides all participants of e-commerce market with real-time and historical data on stock inventory and price. It also allows creating decentralized and centralized applications based on Elementh blockchain. Trustless and decentralized nature of the Elementh blockchain allows buyers to find the best deal and sellers to sell quicker.