Social responsibility

We strongly believe that education plays the most important role in the modern world and its importance will only increase in the future. There is no denying the fact that we keep learning all our lives. However, the sooner we get knowledge the better it is, because this knowledge determines what we will learn in the future.

These days, the education provided in the schools and other institutes is often ineffective. This is because while studying, young people often fail to understand what they will do and exactly how they will be helped by the education they have received.

To solve this problem, we have started the project

We turn to specialists that already have extensive experience in their fields and request them to tell school children in a video interview format about how their professions actually work. Then, from time to time, webinars are conducted to answer different questions from the students.

We believe this project will allow school children to choose the profession that they would like to practice and will save them years, which they would otherwise spend on learning things they would not use later.

Currently, our catalog is already one of the largest in Russia and we are continuing to expand it. We have plans to make up 1000 interviews throughout the year, which will allow us to cover all major professions and provide opportunities to all Russian-language school children regardless of where they are, to find out all about the professions they are interested in.